Why Aikido?

What makes Aikido the “Smart” Martial Art?

founderAikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei. One way to define Aikido is by comparing the meanings of the different martial arts’ names. Tae Kwon Do means “Kicking and Smashing”, which is what you are taught to do when confronted. Karate means “Empty Hand”, a hand which is formed into a variety of weapons to destroy the enemy. Aikido, on the other hand, means “The Way of Harmony”. It is Aikido’s philosophy of peaceful resolution when contending with violence that sets it apart from the other arts. Aikido aims to achieve victory in a Martial Art Way without having to fight. To learn more about O-Sensei and the history of Aikido, follow this link to the excellent book “Abundant Peace” by John Stevens.

aikipowerAikido is a unique martial art rooted in traditional Samurai combat methods including the sword and Jiu jitsu. It is a non-aggressive, yet a powerful and practical system of self-defense favored by law-enforcement, corrections, and security organizations worldwide. Rather than fostering a spirit of competitive aggression, Aikido stresses the use of minimum necessary force and peaceful resolution of conflict whenever possible. Since Aikido emphasizes timing and positioning, rather than physical strength and size, it is an effective means of self-defense for young and old, male and female. The fluid, rotary motions of Aikido blend with and redirect and attacker’s energy. Instead of meeting force with force, the Aikido practitioner steps off the line of attack, unbalances the opponent, and ends the encounter with a throw or take-down. Practice partners alternate offensive and defensive roles, allowing each to feel both aspects of a technique. All techniques can be practiced slowly and gently or quickly and powerfully, allowing progression at each individual’s pace. The training atmosphere is one of cooperation, mutual respect — and a lot of fun! Aikido helps us find a harmonious way through conflict not only in our practice, but in everyday life, transforming the stress of our business, academic and family lives into opportunities for personal growth and development of compassion, discipline, and confidence.

Aikido for Kids, Women and the Entire Family!


Aikido for Kids

rocksolidkidsAikido is for kids, too! It helps children develop discipline,aikigirl concentration and self-confidence. The classes emphasize safety and cooperation in basic techniques. It also provides children with a practical self defense. We teach the children that in a Martial Art way they can achieve victory without fighting. Read more about our kids program here.

Kids are kids and they just simply want to have fun.

Aikido Center has mastered the art of teaching the “Everyday” principles of life that are so crucial to a child and yet all the while they are having fun. Our “Learning Ecology” is a constructed blend of playground and clinical learning.

Kids are kids and they instinctively want to have friends.

Aikido Center teaches the “Art of Friendship.” Friendship at a young age is an opportunity for kids to understand their emotions better as they experience the day to day with each other. Emotional Intelligence is a key clinical component in our program and serves the purpose of helping children understand and cope with the pressures of stress in an appropriate and healthy way.

Kids are kids and they are keenly aware of everything around them.

Aikido Center’s “Rock-Solid Kids” Program has proven clinically effective in instilling in each child the essential life principles that will make them “Rock-Solid” and “Indestructible.”

Kids are kids but they need an instructor that understands them.

  • 34 years of teaching experience at his own professional School.
  • 20 years experience teaching at day care facilities like “Children’s World”, “Kids are Kids”, Greystone Montessori School”, YMCA, Korean Children’s Church, “Children’s Courtyard.” Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, The Woodlands High School, McCullough High School and at Hailey Elem.
  • 15 years experience working for school districts state wide as a private contractor with a specific focus on every schools Emergency Management Action Program and with their Campus Based In-School Suspension Programs as a Intervention Specialist and faculty trainer.
  • 10 years experience teaching as a college Adjunct Instructor at Montgomery College.
    5 years experience as an Officer with Harris County Juvenile Probation.
  • Sensei Black was a step-father to three children that he helped raise into adulthood.

Sensei Black has focused on nothing else except how to help children grow up “Healthy, Happy and Ready.”

Aikido for girls and women

ladywarrior3 ladywarrior ladywarrior2

“Lady Warrior’s of Peace” – Aikido is the perfect art for women!

The answer to why Aikido for women is simplicity itself:
Women want to always be seen as radiant and beautiful yet powerful and ready!

Aikido Center is the natural choice for women who believe that they are always “Radiant and Beautiful, yet Powerful and Ready!” Today’s Tactical Women is:

Stronger and more capable then ever before. Women have a naturally recurring confidence level and in these modern times the world is benefitting greatly because more women are leading the way.


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