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Why Aikido?

Can you find your reason for choosing Aikido?

  • You come home to the same routine. Nothing is changing. Especially you!
    • But you still want change!
  • Low energy? We are not getting any younger. You know what you need to do.
    • The question is when?
  • All you’ve got left to lose is that last 10-15 pounds and
    • You need a change of venue to do it.
  • Aikido’s philosophy matches your personal way in which you see the world.
    • A world at peace.
  • You’ve always wanted to do it. You’ve always wanted to see what you’re made of.
    • Now is the time!
  • You believe that you’re not in shape and that it is too late for you.
    • Never too late to feel great!
  • Silly as it sounds but you’ve always wanted to WIN!
    • We are just hard wired that way.
  • You finally realize that there is life in every breath. Wisdom from every experience.
    • You want that.
  • You were bullied as a kid or even right now as an adult.
    • This IS serious and YES it’s time!
  • You thought it would be a great idea to do something as a family.
    • YOU’RE RIGHT!!
  • Finally a program for your children that you can live with.
    • A non-violent approach to Self-Defense.
  • It is not about the belt or the rank.
    • It is about a person’s skill-ability and how they apply it everyday.
  • You want something that is not too hard on the body.
    • Yet it has to physically accomplish your goals.
  • You want to learn martial arts and Aikido in a fun and happy environment.
    • Aikido Center is the place for that!
Find your own reason and let us know!

emptyDojoBrightWe have listed a few reasons above. Perhaps you agree with some of them, maybe you can find your own reasons for starting Aikido. You will be glad you did!

This is a picture of our dojo showing you the 1600 sq. ft. of inviting mat space.

Here is a picture of Black Sensei at the Instructors’ Seminar