Meet Your Sensei

Michael Black Sensei has been active in martial arts for four decades. Dedicated exclusively to Aikido since 1991, his teacher was Toyoda, Fumio – Aikido Shihan and Zen Master. Michael was a direct student until his untimely passing in 2001. Michael was promoted to 4th Dan and certified a professional Aikido Teacher in Japan in 2009 by Kobayashi, Yasuo Shihan 8th Dan Black Belt.

Michael served his country as a United States Marine (Lima 3/7 – 1st Mar Div) Michael was a Harris County Juvenile Probation Officer (Youth Village). Michael was a private contractor for school districts working on state-wide initiatives with emphasis on special education needs, emergency management assessments, intervention specialist and a “train the trainer” for faculty administration. Michael was an adjunct Faculty Instructor  for 10 years at Lone Star (Montgomery College) teaching Kinesiology Courses for the Wellness Center. Michael has taught and lectured at Texas A & M, Rice, U of H, SHSU and at Saitama University in Tokyo Japan.

Given the name “Shinjinkan” by his beloved teacher, Michael teaches Aikido in a manner that is “Street Effective” yet traditional in it’s approach to practice.

He and Dr. Takis Zourntos Ph.D. established the Texas A&M University Aikido Club in 2009 which is still flourishing today.

 To find out more about Michael Black’s Lineage please click on this link:

 Fumio Tenzan Toyoda.

Michael was a foreign Uchideshi under Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan (Aikido Kobayashi Dojo Japan) for five years beginning in 2006. “Michael considers “Practice” the only priority and has taught his members to think of themselves as “Students first” above all else and to consider the attainment of rank as not necessary as a goal of higher learning. Michael will tell you that the “Teachings” are more important than the personage and that no person should be revered or shown homage over the teachings.

Senpai - Assistant Instructors

George Hutchinson – Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) has been a continuous student of the martial arts for over 25 years and currently holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree) in Aikido.  He enjoys uncovering the depth of Kihon Waza (basic techniques) that comes from practice and is passionate about following O’Sensei’s (the Founder) search for and realization of Unity as represented in his message of universal Aiki.  He is indebted to Fumio Toyoda Shihan and Black Sensei as teachers.  He has also been deeply influenced by his study over the years with Shizuo Imaizumi Sensei a direct student of the Founder and more recently by Motomichi Anno Sensei’s work on Kokoro or opening of the heart through Aikido.  George also earned black belts in Hapkido in the Kim Jin Pal lineage.  Professionally he is a Managing Director of Leucadia National Corporation, a NYSE listed investment holding company where he oversees energy investing.

naquin-shomenPaul Naquin – Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) Began his formal martial arts training in 1987. Paul has studied Aikido under Michael Black Sensei since 2006. In fact, seven members of Paul’s family, spanning three generations, are training at Shinjinkan Dojo.

naquin-iaitoPaul’s kanji, which he received upon attaining the rank of Shodan means “Peaceful Path.” This is fitting, as Paul enjoys Aikido’s philosophy of harmony even in the midst of conflict. The art has taught him to overcome multiple, larger opponents while protecting himself and others from unnecessary harm.

Outside the dojo, Paul leads a communications team for the Chevron corporation. He is also a student of philosophy, specializing in ethics, and a member of Mensa International. He lives in The Woodlands, TX with his daughters, Sitaara and Satori.

Scott WoffordScott Wofford – Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt). Began his formal martial arts training in 1997 in a blended form comprised of 7 styles. Focusing exclusively on Aikido since 2009, Scott brings a strong understanding of the application of martial arts to his everyday life. Scott is an instructor in the “Rock-Solid Kids” program and is the lead instructor for our “First Lesson Students.” Scott has a beautiful family and is an IT Technical Lead at CB&I.