AIKIDO – A Japanese Martial Art with its roots in the ancient Samurai traditions. The Founder formulated this Martial Art with the intense desire to bring about change in the world. 99% of all Martial Arts are designed with one objective; Defeat the enemy! Period!

Let’s understand that the word “Enemy” in this case it means other people. Aikido draws a line in the sand when it comes to this point. Aikido’s founder says that “There are no enemies under heaven” and that to defeat the “Self” is to defeat the enemy. Chew on that.

There will come a day when all people will realize that the enemy wasn’t another person but that the enemy was we ourselves and that it was “FEAR” that kept us in conflict.

Aikido is a Martial Art first but it is also a “Mirror” that says “Take a good long look” you may not like what you see at first but you can remedy that in the Dojo (Aikido School).

Becoming a Student

Call us (832) 592 3781 or just drop by during class time. Wear something loose if you want to give it a try. You can begin your training right away. Every person gets a ONE WEEK GUEST PASS just for calling or dropping by.

Enjoy a whole week of classes as our guest. At Aikido Center there are no contracts to sign, just our promise that if Aikido is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

Sign up and join us. Sign up the whole family. Learn, grow and have fun together. Sign up forms are available in the dojo. Fill them out and either email them back to us or bring them to the dojo with you.

It is that easy! We look forward to seeing you in class.

Aikido Videos and Tuition Details
Here are a few interesting Aikido videos on YouTube.


Both Unlimited and Limited Class Options Are AvailableTuition Rates: (Per Month)
1 child 1x Week = $70.  / 2x Week = $105.   2 children 1x Week = $105. Month / 2x Week = $145.                             3 to 4 children = $200.  (Best Family Rate Period!) These are “Per Month” Rates.
 Adults start at $95. – $125. – $160. – $200. – $300. (Call for details).      Discounts apply to: 1st responders, school teachers, students, single parents, Corporations, 5+ member families…    NO hidden fees! NO outrageous registration fees! NO contracts!