Rock-Solid Kids

Aikido teaches students to defend themselves by not fighting. Instead of using potentially crippling kicks or punches, students of aikido learn to apply various wrist locks, arm pins and throws. These neutralize attacks without serious injury to the attacker. Aikido is ideal for children because the techniques do not depend on superior size or strength. Girls and boys can practice together and participate equally in training.

Our Shinjinkan Warriors Program is designed to teach kids of all ages the basics of aikido. Children’s classes for all ages are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our Sensei –Michael Black — and senior students under his supervision teach the classes. Adult students (and parents) also help with the program.

(Please Note: Children ages 4 to 7 must be accompanied by a parent.)

Our Children’s Program provides:

  • An opportunity to try out the most modern of all the martial arts in a safe, supportive setting.
  • Active learning situations that will increase self-confidence while teaching the value of self-discipline.
  • An emphasis on respecting other people, cooperation and resolving conflicts without fighting.
  • An enhanced ability to pay attention, focus and work with others.
  • Excellent conditioning, flexibility and agility training.
  • A safe, active learning environment to develop both the mind and the body in a comprehensive manner.
  • A sense of belonging to a community of like-minded peers and friends.
  • A chance to enjoy and have a lot of fun!
  • A chance to focus on any other goals and objectives you have set for yourself and your kids.