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“CONGRATULATIONS!” and thank you for your family’s interest in Aikido Center! Let’s get started: For a limited time, you can invite a second family member to learn Aikido together for the price of only one member. Let’s do the math! One full time Adult = $125 per month. Two would be $200.00 “But not in this case!”  Continue reading



While we continue covering structure and foundation, we are expanding to include mae ukemi (forward rolls) and ushiro ukemi (backward rolls). With each of these ukemi (literally meaning to fall away from harm), we want to ensure that we are rolling across the sholders. When we do this, by turning our bodies to allow a “blading”, we are able to utilize our shoulders to roll and protect our spine, head and neck.  In addition to the ukemi practice, we will be working on defense from a multitude of grasps Continue reading

Rock-Solid Kids


Aikido teaches students to defend themselves by not fighting. Instead of using potentially crippling kicks or punches, students of aikido learn to apply various wrist locks, arm pins and throws. These neutralize attacks without serious injury to the attacker. Aikido is ideal for children because the techniques do not depend on superior size or strength. Girls and boys can practice together and participate equally in training. Continue reading

Kokyu Ryoku


Kokyu Ryoku – The power of breathing: The spacing (ma) between people when practicing should be like the space between two proper breaths. Concentrating your breath at the opponents weak spot is not like pointing a gun and having the bullet do the job. It is like shaking hands and having your feeling conveyed without words. Tensing your abdomen and breathing through the node is not a special kind of breathing. Continue reading